Who’s Running This Ship?

One crew and one ship has taken on the entire existing club empire on the Gold and Treasure Coasts of Florida!!!

Engaging as their legends are, the true story of the Pirates of the Treasure Coast was even more captivating!!! It’s a recent tale of tyranny and resistance , a revolt by an outcast group of fun-loving skiers, outdoor enthusiasts and party-goers who were shunned by their existing club (that shall not be named). The foundation of their previous tyrannical organization was permanently shaken by this righteous band of pirate rogues as the Pirates of the Treasure Coast set sail to form a new organization dedicated to fun and fellowship in an active Florida lifestyle!

Capt. Lars (Dr. Larry Grayhills) was a member of “another” Snow Ski Club for approximately 20 years and has participated in and led ski trips for that entire time.

First Mate, Wench Debra (Deborah Grayhills, RN, aka. Debalicious) has been a member of the same ski club as Capt. Lars for about the same amount of time …in fact…they met in the club and she is the true brains behind the Pirates!!!!!!!!!!!

Second Mate, Wench Alex is the Scribe and Keeper of the Doubloons!