Become a Pirate Member

Because we’re a new club, introductory memberships are reduced!!!!!!!!! To sign up for our inaugural trip, you must be a member. If you want to be added to our list, contact Capt. Lars (Larry Grayhills) at or


Because we are a new club, introductory memberships are INCREDIBLY reasonable!!!

Single Membership: Only $30 Doubloons

Family Membership: Only $50 Doubloons

Once we’re a Florida Ski Council Affiliate, Reciprocity Membership will be FREE…hold your horses…not yet

ARRRRR…Welcome Aboard, Matey!!!!

Please complete the application below and mail your application and payment to:

Pirates of the Treasure Coast Ski and Travel

c/o Dr. Laurence Grayhills (Capt. LarsG)

10376 SW Stones Throw Terrace

Palm City, Florida, 34990

Online and credit card payments will be available once we set sail!!!. You can download, print and mail the paper version of the application by clicking the download link below:

Membership Application

Right click on the image above or on the download link below for a Word version of the application

Your membership will be pending until your check is processed (please be aware that this may take up to two weeks).


By completing this application form and paying the membership fee, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and consent to the following release:

I/We hereby apply for membership in the Pirates of the Treasure Coast Ski and Travel, Inc.. for the current fiscal year (the fiscal year of the CLUB starts June 1st of each year and ends May 31st of the following year).  The CLUB is a non-profit, 501(c)7 organization created to promote group skiing, social and sports activities. I/We understand that the CLUB sponsored trips, programs and events often involve strenuous physical activity or involve risks inherent to group social and community functions. It is my/our responsibility to determine whether I/we should or should not participate in any activity. I/We recognize that I/we participate at my/our sole discretion and at my/our own risk. I/We specifically agree to assume all risk, responsibility and liability for any and all loss, injury and/or damage suffered by me/us, and/or my/our family while participating in any trip, party, social function, or other activity promoted or sponsored by the CLUB, including, without limitations, injuries, damage, and/or loss of property, caused by the negligence or failure to act of the Officers, Directors, Agents, and/or Representatives of the CLUB. I/We agree to comply with all the by-laws and policies of the CLUB.

Make checks payable to: Pirates of the Treasure Coast Ski and Travel, Inc.

10376 SW Stones Throw Terrace, Palm City, Florida 34990

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